Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is pet sitting?

A pet sitter is a contracted service provider who takes care of a pet in its own home. The professional pet-sitting industry is growing rapidly because many pet owners feel that there are advantages to using pet sitters, rather than traditional pet care.

You might want someone to care for your pet while you go on vacation, a business trip, or just spending long hours at the office.

A Dog's Best Friend will come to your home and play, walk and care for your pet.

Need your pet taken to the vet, groomer or need something picked up at the store? A Dog's Best Friend will bring in your mail, water plants, but most of all love and care for your pet while you are away.

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chary reddy said...

Dr Craig Miller Melbourne Mobile Vet services

The Mobile Vet Clinic is established by Dr Craig Miller that provides low-cost neighborhood health clinics for small animals.Dr Craig Miller grew up in Perth living next-door to his father's Veterinary Hospital in Swanbourne. Dr Craig Miller completed studies in Biology and Biochemistry, before graduating in Veterinary Science from Murdoch University in 1993.
Our goal and promise is to offer house call Veterinary we offer convenience and save your time; as well as to offer their pets the most up to date services to maintain their well being.

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